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SLP Pledges To Give Government ‘Space’ As Saint Lucia Battles COVID-19

Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire says the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party wants Saint Lucia to succeed in the current COVID-19 crisis.

“We believe that Saint Lucia must get it right to save peoples lives and save our country,” he told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

Hilaire said as a result, the opposition will be giving Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his administration as much space as possible to do so.

But he lamented that in the last few weeks nothing has been seen that necessitated a state of emergency.

“Our position remains the same,” the Castries South MP declared.

“But it’s not something that we are going to fight over – we don’t think now is the time necessarily to be fighting over the state of emergency,” he told reporters.

“Trust me, there are a lot bigger issues that will be put before us that we will have to deal with,” Hilaire explained.

The opposition has said in the past that it did not think there was need for a state of emergency.

It asserted that the powers needed to deal with the COVID-19 crisis are enshrined in the Public Health Act and the Quarantine Act.

“As an opposition we have taken the decision to allow the government the space to do what it thought was necessary to fight this coronavirus and as such we were not going to oppose it,” Hilaire recalled.

But he reiterated that the Saint Lucia Labour Party will be very vigilant to ensure that there is no abuse of the state of emergency powers.

Hilaire spoke  as parliament  as he arrived Tuesday morning for a sitting of parliament to consider an extension of  the Island’s current state of emergency for an additional period.

The new period commences on April 27, 2020 and ends on May 31, 2020.

In presenting the measure, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced that sadly, the public emergency that has arisen as a result of COVID-19 continues.

He said the current situation should suggest to everyone that the country is still in danger.



  1. Noise. Not worth reporting
    If you’re not helping you are Hindering!! If we rush we die… it’s simple!

  2. You have no choice because they are doing a world class job together with the CMO and her team and fronliners,. Remember all the rara about our healthcare. Now they have showed you dams that it was never about a structure but the service, They have proven under very difficult circumstances. All you SLP release since covid-19 has been a bunch of nonsense. The critics were overwhelming. May God continue to guide our government and protect our frontliners and to Bless St Lucia.

  3. “Trust me there are a lot bigger issues that will be put before us before us that we will have to deal with” EXACTLY !!! Well said Doc. You all heard me ; Give them “space” it’s there……ooops their time to shine let them WOLLER in there…..oooops ha ha in their own mess and feel the raft of the St Lucian People in the coming days weeks and months. The Carpenters please “we only just begun to live” la la la la la la …………….

  4. If both the Public Health Act & Quarantine Act combined gives the administration adequate power to best serve the nation, then that’s exactly when you should oppose the extension of the SOE.
    So what exactly is the extra space for???

  5. Some of us have heard enough from you and Philip. If it doesn’t include SLP and UWP working together to better the country, then be quiet and take all the space needed. Both parties need to stop thinking about their own interests.
    Philip lists things his party has done. How is that relevant at this time? I’m tired of hearing these politicians play politics. There are Saint Lucian people who really know how to put politics aside and think rationally. How many senseless articles come after this one? We all may not agree with the Prime Minister right now but it’s not the time to play dirty politics.

  6. So you’ll think dah man genuine. He eh have a bit of goodness in him. Don’t worry. He working under cover with is operatives

  7. Even this press release which has a nice headline or gesture seems like nonsense. Does that mean the Opposition will not be working with the government to help the situation and the people of St.Lucia. Is now we need the Opposition to shine, they going into hiding. I placed so much faith and confidence in ppl like Pierre and Hilaire. This just sounds disappointing. I honestly believe the CMO and the cabinet of ministers are trying and have tried. Now is not time to lash out on what was done before. I hearing about monies being squandered. If that has happened it started on Feb 22nd 1979. U think now we can undo all of that. Let’s work together, all ideas etc. and stop sitting and waiting for invitations. Invite yourself. if u can do something to help, get up and do it. Stop hiding behind Press Releases and breeding on the ignorance of the ppl.

  8. Hyper-partisan politics has suffocated progress and advancement of St. Lucia for too long. Unfortunately it continues unabated. No matter how serious the crisis is, politics raises its ugly head. All of our politicians, without any exception, are self-serving, acquisitive, uncaring and sadistic. They pretend to love people but that is far from the truth. The only people they love are themselves, their families and those they can manipulate. They are the most mendacious group of people on this planet. They lie to get into office, lie during their entire tenure in office, they are just notorious, pathological liars. I don’t even trust ‘is’ and ‘are’ coming out of their mouths. They keep the masses living in abject poverty while they live a Champaign Lifestyle (Exquisite Luxury).

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