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Kartel, Shawn Get Sentence Reduced

Jamaica Observer:– ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Bert Samuels, who represents incarcerated deejay Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell, is pleased with the Court of Appeal’s ruling to reduce the entertainer’s prison time, along with his co-convicts.

“The trial judge fell in error by not taking into account the time spent in reprimand, which is a breach of principle. So, I am pleased that the court has decided to reduce the sentences by two-and-a-half years,” he told the Jamaica Observer yesterday, following the judgement handed down in downtown Kingston.

Shawn Storm, a former member of Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire, was convicted along with his mentor on April 3, 2014 for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams in 2011.

Co-accused Kahira Jones and Andre St John were also convicted. All received life sentences by Justice Lenox Campbell.

The men were arrested on September 29, 2011.

Vybz Kartel (given name Adidja Palmer) was initially given 35 years before being eligible for parole. It has been reduced to 32 years and six months.

Andre St John who had to serve 30 years before being eligible for parole, had his shaved down to 27 years and six months.

Shawn Storm and Kahira Jones, who had to serve 25 years before being eligible, had theirs reduced to 22 years and six months.

Just two weeks ago, president of the Court of Appeal Justice Dennis Morrison dismissed the entertainers’ appeal; two years after it was filed.

Justice Patrick Brooks and Justice Frank Williams were the other two judges on the panel, which upheld the convictions.

Meanwhile, Samuels says he, along with Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson and Valerie Neita-Robertson who represent Vybz Kartel, are in preparation mode to head to the Privy Council in London.

“We are on our way. We have six more days to file for leave, because as you know, permission has to be granted for us to head to the Privy Council,” he said.

He added that his client remains optimistic.

“He [Shawn Storm] is upbeat and optimistic that when we head to the Privy Council, it will be a success,” Samuels said.


  1. Jamaica’s judiciary s#!+stem is just making a mockery of those guys…it is shed disrespect to say reduced sentence then only shaving 2 1/2YRS on the sentence…in real life vybz kartel is way more important than anyone of them in that jamaican law fraternity even PM Holness…and they know it all to well hence they really wanna sink him….they are very vindictive and bias towards kartel,they did him and his cronies all this with no substantial evidence,no body……meanwhile a prominent wealthy business man shot at a taxi guy missing him and killing his teenage passenger in the backsit all becuz the businessman said the taxi driver brushed upon his luxury BMW X6 and he got away scotch free….the justice $#!+stem in the west are all very bias and lenient when it comes to one of their peers no matter what’s the offence…and don’t act like i’m talking crap cuz we’ve seen it happen right here in st.lucia on numerous occasions…their religion is definitely false cuz JAH do not like ugly…every long rope has its end and almighty god is the superior judge….remember that.

    • He will be free alright. Free to roam the prison yard. Free to meet other inmates. Free to write new material. Free time to think about his crime and it’s implications.

  2. Karate’ was convicted of cold blooded murder by a jury of his peers. He recruited some of the best lawyers in Jamaica to defend him. Lizard would not be able to enjoy one more second of life on earth. Kartel is in the right place. In fact, he’s privileged to be alive and not underground like where he put Lizard. Instead of World Boss, Kartel is WORLD WICKEDEST SCUMBAG.May his dark soul rot in jail. You can’t give life, why should you take it?

  3. Keep that piece of garbage in prison. Jamaica, the other Caribbean islands and indeed the world is a better place without his negative influence on young impressionable minds. Justice was served and so has to be executed!

    • Y’all total idiots….kartel have taken dancehall and the young minds like a coronavirus….everybody can relate to atleast 1kartel song including you blackshade and vybz…kartel cudda dead and his music will still run tings….blackshade you need to go track your dawta recieving a backshot under one of kartel song u hater.

  4. Justice was served? Clive Williams was a known murderer that killed a lot of people. Stop being judgmental. People like you make me sick.

    • Hypocrites!…we ain’t talking about whether justice was serve or not,the point is they are lenient for some who’ve done the exact crime or even worse whilst they very harshly critical on others…so where is justice?…some ppl getaway because of family name,some because of friends etc….it’s always said that you idiots are actually see and blind,hear but deaf inner Babylon…..Bias..Asses..Believe..Y’all..Lies ..Over..Naturality….BABYLON

  5. Kira-sarah i see you catching a dirty feeling like kartel luck yuh and ditch yuh maybe even if yuh have pretty face buh duh cruchy was prolly stinky!

  6. Kartel surely get what he deserve, Jamaica will be a much better place for the next 32and a half years, with kartel not being on the streets

  7. Let him rot in jail,two and a half years,what a laugh please.And his lawyer is happy he acomplished something,please people,you kill you pay

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