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Hilaire Believes Only Extensive Testing Will Determine COVID-19 Spread

Castries South MP Doctor Ernest Hilaire says he does not think Saint Lucia should be comforted because the Island recently recorded no new cases of COVID-19 in 10 days.

Hilaire made the remarks during an interview with reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

“I think I will be satisfied when you can inform me of the amount of testing that is being done in the country,” he said.

“It’s easy to say that you are satisfied with 15 cases and how many have recovered, but can you tell me what amount of testing is being done?” Hilaire told reporters.

“I think all over the world – you watch television, you read, people tell you social distancing is very effective in reducing the spread, but the only way you can know if there is no spread taking place is if you do extensive testing,” the Castries South MP asserted.

“I would be a lot more comforted if you said to me ‘In the last ten days we did 3,000 tests throughout the country – we have tested all the frontline workers.’ I mean put it that way, you watch on television and you read that people have mild symptoms and they are at home. I mean, how do we know what’s happening and what’s not happening?”

“The only way we can know is if there is extensive testing in Saint Lucia and when I get statistics that tell me we have a reduction but we also have been doing so much testing in Saint Lucia and we are satisfied that we are getting back to normal,” Hilaire stated.


  1. Well well well how can you test people without symptoms? This is wasting kits I was expecting better from my MP. So Mr Hilliare are you telling me you are not trusting the cmo. If you want to win the next election becarful what you say, and how you say it. Prayers for St. Lucia???????

    • Well well well what Donkey Brains ??? He is right on the money. So many people are Asymptomatic and I AM SURE SOME ST LUCIANS WERE OR ARE but were not tested. You don’t have to show signs of Coronavirus to have Coronavirus and this is what the donkey brains don’t understand I just laughing at them they are patting themselves on their backs prematurely. I will NOT praise the CMO like some talking crap about they were so “structured” . How many testing were done ?? …..and continue to do ??….she will be working for her money just now when we are hit with the second wave.

  2. SMH. I did read the CMO saying the number of tests that were carried out. Read msg posted on April 20. Or should I say Stop and Listen instead of talking so much. Btw Hilaire u seem dissatisfied with there being no new cases and the relative low rate of community spread. Smh. Great job CMO and her team Department of Health.

  3. We are doing great,we dont have that amount of test kits,so we can only test those that show simptoms.That is a big problem,but hell its working for us,great stuff.For how long can we remain isolated from the world that is food for thought.

  4. Hiliare woooye tan…even in bigger countries it doesnt happen the way you requesting it….
    Why dont both parties come together for the cause instead for bickering…So you are saying test the entire st lucia?? Children,undocumented people and those on the electoral list?
    So maybe tests should be placed on all maternity wards so when babies are born they can be tested?
    INTENSIVE right?
    In England every clinic,doctor’s office and emergency departments have signs stating if you are presenting covid 19 signs stay home can call 111.When you ring this number you arr told to self isolate for 7 days and if the symptoms worsen call 999 after the 7 days..People recover after 5 days from mild symptoms…thats within the 7 obviously there are people infected at their homes and recovering nicely who havent been tested.
    Here in St lucia, if you are unwell you are asked to go to the respiratory clinics thar have been made available bu the govt and health officials to go get tested..IT IS AVAILABLE…YOU ARE NOT ASKED TO STAY HOME YET..GO TO THE RESPIRATORY CLINIC WHEN YOU DONT FEEL WELL TO BE TESTED.It is impossible to test an entire nation..but you are given the change to go know your status if you are presenting Hiliare please sit DONG… and stop looking STUPID.

  5. With all that talk I don’t even think you all want to win the up coming election trouble is heading you all way and then I would like your voice smh. You all the one’s that putting the division in the country.Go say your prayers power hungry politians.You will full the hacks not me because I’m not colour blind.

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