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Government, Opposition Urged To Consider Pay Cut Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Declaring the need for shared sacrifices, the former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), has urged the Saint Lucia government and opposition to consider a temporary pay cut amid the current COVID-19 crisis.

“The people are making sacrifices and likewise the government and opposition in this country must make shared sacrifices,” Therold Prudent told St Lucia Times.

“I believe in all of my heart that it is very important that the government push for a pay cut for all ministers, all members of the opposition,” he stated.

Prudent explained that the money can possibly be redirected to their individual communities or to persons in need and those who are unable to work because of the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the former LPM leader, it is important that Saint Lucia’s leaders show  good faith by demonstrating that while they are calling on others to make sacrifices, they are willing to do the same.

Prudent told St Lucia Times that he is very supportive of government measures in dealing with the COVID-19 situation.

He disclosed that he was pleased with the stabilization programme announced by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

“I believe it is the right step in the right direction because there will be difficult days ahead ,” Prudent asserted.

“We know tourism has taken a very big hit and there will be lots of people who will be unable to work or can’t find work at this time and would have to find a way to survive,” he noted.

“We must not pretend that it’s not a situation of shared sacrifices,” Prudent declared.

“While we wait for the rest of the world to sort out its COVID-19 issues, we have to have an economy that is at least stabilized and so that when the world has opened its doors to us again, we are able to build upon this and build our economy to the point of being successful here in this country,” the former LPM leader told St Lucia Times.


  1. Gasa get rid of y’all Ambassadors y’all don’t need cut on y’all salaries that government waste too much money to be on the civil servants back you raise the Governor General the head of senate you check all your ppl cut their pay nonsense and nic y’all want to beat up now st Lucians open y’all damn eyes uh man wth

  2. The government and opposition parliamentarians taking a pay cut is absurd. In Saint Lucia, parliamentarians are underpaid. The earn less than $10,000.00 monthly. Constituents go to their parliamentarians for every conceivable expenditure of theirs. There are public officials in this country earning more than twice the pay of parliamentarians. The DPP earns # $22,000.00. There are 4 permanent secretaries earning grade 21 pay. The post master general too, is a high paying position. All are close to # $21,000.00 . Parliamentarians should accept a pay cut, if, and only if, after the situation is restored to normal, parliamentarians are upgraded to grade 21. That way, they will better be able to afford care packages for all the poor supporters in their constituencies.

    • Interesting and intelligent contribution. Thanks for the enlightenment DPP, The Super PSs who get more than Parliamentarians. These were the ones I expected to contribute at the Telefon. Also our Ambassadors and their family that living large of our taxes, need their salaries and purks checked. Btw what does the Postmaster do to get so much money.

    • Parliamentarians should accept a 20% deduction in salaries. Remember they also get allowances and other perks. Who, with a fair conscience, believes that the National Security Minister deserves such a hefty monthly salary for doing absolutely nothing about crime. Most of the Ambassadors, , who are handsomely paid in US currency, need to be recalled. They are mostly inactive and useless. The commoners, who make $400 weekly,must always be the sacrificial lambs but the lazy, do-nothing politicians must hold on to their mammoth monthly cheques. Gross unfair!

  3. We need to know the significant role our Embassy staff play,subsequent to being informed then we can comment or cricticise constructively.
    They are the ones facilitating the entry of masks, temperature testing units etc. because Customs and border patrol in the US is seizing everything. The rapid testing kits are being sourced as we speak if they are all recalled we are doomed.Thank God for them these things are able to get to Sweet St.Lucia
    They are working with students at the various universities and our crew members stuck on those ships to facilitate repatriation
    There are also vacationers stuck who are trying to get home. They are the ones facilitating extensions in those countries for our citizens.
    Since no budget has been passed the embassy staff have no idea when they will be paid,yes in a foreign country and no one to give u a pat banan or piece of dasheen mang
    So let’s appreciate what they bring to the table working with no pay this month and unlike us they are making no noise.

  4. So, where is all the money that was supposed to be placed in the “lock box”? Where are all the CIP monies that have been collected? There is an additional tax on gasoline . . . Where has all that money gone? There has been some “races” in vieux-fort. How much did we make and where did that money go? So many questions and so little (or no answers) at all.

  5. Truth be told to
    Government would be legally obliged to pay the Embassy Staff if they are terminated or recalled for the entire period of their contract. Y would you want to dismiss someone and still have to pay them their salaries,etc for years before their contract expires ?
    Considering all of these persons have contracts. As such it would be futile for any right thinking administration to consider such a bullet to the foot.

    • Government should streamline these overseas missions and embassies. There are too many ‘loiterers’ employed at these places. Contracts should be no longer than two years duration. Take it or leave it. If your service is of great value, you get an extension. Too much fat (wastage) in government. All should tighten their belts.


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