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Desir Responds To Concerns That Checkpoint Officers Have No Facilities To Relieve Themselves

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir has been responding to concerns that officers at zoning checkpoints do not have facilities to relieve themselves, particularly at the Bordelais checkpoint.

“From the  starting we had to look at the logistics and what areas that the checkpoints would be in order  that we accommodate the officers who are there,” he told the National Television Network’s Jessy Leonce.

“What we did, the officers have a cooler with water juice and so on to keep hydrated. You would have at least six officers at the  checkpoint and a vehicle,” Desir explained.

He disclosed that an officer who wants to relieve himself or herself can use the vehicle to go to the Dennery police station.

According to Desir, the Bordelais checkpoint is now even closer to the Dennery station.

He said it is now easier to access the station.

The Acting Police Commissioner disclosed that he has never received any complaint from the Police Welfare Association or from the officers that they are having an issue regarding relieving themselves.

“We realised the need for that and from the start those things were put in place – a vehicle for the officers and a supply of fluids and of course the changing of the shifts,” he told NTN.

“It is a learning process, but I believe right now at the zones officers are prepared and it is going on smoothly,” Desir asserted.


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