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Barbados Lime Thief Sentenced To Prison

Barbados Today:– Scaling the walls of another man’s residence twice in a bid to steal limes during the Covid-19 curfew has landed a 45-year-old man in jail for the next six months.

Tony Ricardo Harris, of Lower Carters Gap, Enterprise, Christ Church pleaded guilty to loitering on Davison Hunte’s premises on April 19 in a bid to commit theft.

He also admitted to being outdoors at No 16 Oleander Drive, Enterprise Christ Church, on the same day around 3:30 p.m. without a reasonable explanation when a national emergency directive had been given to people to remain indoors.

According to Station Sergeant Glenda Carter-Nicholls the complainant was at home when he observed Harris who he knew from frequenting the area, in his backyard picking limes. He shouted at him and Harris ran and climbed over the wall.

However, he did not stay away for long and returned a second time and he again rushed over the wall when the homeowner saw him. He was chased by neighbours but made his escape into the sea. Police later apprehended him.

“I went and pick de man limes,” Harris, who is known to the court, told lawmen when he was detained. He appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today.

When Magistrate Alison Burke asked him whether he had anything to say in his defence Harris replied: “No ma’am.”

He however admitted that he knew what was taking place in the country. “Yes ma’am Covid-19,” he said.

The magistrate queried his reason for being outside if he knew the situation, Harris responded: “I was trying to use two limes.”

He then told the magistrate that he lived in an abandoned house.

The magistrate sentenced him to six months in prison on each charge which will run concurrently.


  1. I have no pity when it comes to a Thief…If We had Some form of Marshall law I’d have asked that his 2 hands be chopped off…Case closed.

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